Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008 ~ Happy Birthday, Jesus!!

What a wonderful Christmas we had!!! God is so good! The month was crazy, as usual, but so many of the busy activities were so sweet as we celebrated the birth of our Lord. We had wonderful, God honoring musicals at church. The children did a wonderful job as they presented, "God's Gift for Santa" that my dad actually wrote. It was especially neat for me to watch because I was in it originally when it premiered about 26 years ago! I know...I'm getting old!! Then our adult choir presented a musical entitled, "That Name...Jesus." It was one of my favorites that we have done. Very fun and worshipful music. It was also extra special because we combined with my mom and dad's choir from Woodstock Baptist Church in Jacksonville and performed it once there, and once at our church. I enjoyed getting to be a part of that with them. And Emily did a solo in it at our church and did a wonderful job!! Of course, we were very proud parents!!!

These are just a few of the things that occupied our busy month. Finally, on Christmas Eve we had one of my favorite services all year that is called, "Candles, Carols, and Communion." It is always such a sweet time as we come together as a body of believers and worship in song, scripture reading, and communion. Afterwards our sweet friends the Wise's and the Groves' invited us to join their family for a wonderful Christmas dinner. It is so special to have families that "adopt" you and treat you like their own when you can't always be with your own family. We are blessed with many that God has placed in our lives that truly are family to us, even if the relation is not by blood.

That night James totally surprised me with an unexpected gift while we were at their house. I opened it and to my surprise and shock their was an incredible camera inside. I mean a REALLY nice camera with 2 lenses and a huge book of instructions. (I have yet to have the time to read it yet!! :) So the rest of the night was spent at least figuring it out enough that I could use it the next morning.

Well, the next day was filled with celebrating with family and I think the pictures will tell the rest of the story since this story has gotten way too long!! :) I hope you all had a blessed Christmas too!!!

Our two kitty cat babies. They were the only ones still awake by the time I got my battery charged for my new toy!! I had to practice on someone!!

Emily's first shot of the morning!! "Wake up!!!"
She wanted mittens and a hat. Too bad it was almost 80 degrees that day!!
Florida Christmas!!

Tigger was so helpful in the gift opening activities!

Helpful again!!! Gotta love Tigger!

Emily's Vera Bradley backpack. She's wanted one for a long time!!!

Emily in utter amazement as she opened her big gift...Wii!!!!

Dana's turn!!! She was just happy with her little slinky and books!!

Daddy reading to us about Jesus' Birth

Dana and her slinky!!!

My grandmother, Bambi and all her girls. L to R Aunt Carolyne, Aunt Gwen, Bambi, Leanne (my mom), and the baby, Aunt Melanie

Lauren, Emily and Kala

Dana Woo

Daddy and Dana!!! So sweet!!!!

Mommy and Dana!! Precious!!

Me and my precious mom!!

The Hodges Fam! Jeannie, Leanne, Gene and Julie

James and Jeannie

Emily and Bambi!!! She found the hidden pickle ornament. Long story!

Bambi and the picture of my girls that we gave her!

Papa and Emily with his special reindeer toy!!!

Sweet Emily and her DS game from Aunt Julie and the girls

Yay!!! Wii Fit from Mamama and Papa!

James and his gator blanket from Papa! Go Gators!

Kala, Lauren and Aunt Julie resting on the couch!

Sweet Mamama!
Sweet Papa!
Dana in her new ball pit from Mamama and Papa! She loves it!

Little Dana!

Dana pounced on Papa while he was dozing!!!

Dana eating her foot that is wrapped around her back!!
I know...painful! It's a piece of cake for her!

Mom and I cracking up at a terrible rendition of "O, Holy Night." We listen to it every year and cry our make-up off laughing!!
Dana having fun!

Sisters!!!! Dana and Emily

Mommy and Emily playing tennis on the Wii! Hilarious!

James playing the Wii!


luke and wyatt's mom said...

I LOVE the picture of James and Dana-she looks so happy to be "daddy's baby girl"! So sweet! Looks like you all had a blessed Christmas with your sweet family :)
(I hope we get to do more choir stuff with Woodstock-that was fun!)

Alice said...

So many great photos here, Jeannie :). Both your girls are beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with all your family. I love the picture of Emily with her Wii :O). I love mine! It's a lot of fun! I also like the shot of James pointing the Wii controller at the set!

Yayyy!!! for your new camera!!!

Whitney said...

AH! The camera is exciting business! What kind? This info is important! It does look like you had an awesome Christmas! Dana is cracking me up! Man, I bet that foot tastes good!
Love ya!!

Wife and Mom said...

Photos are looking good with that new camera!

Wife and Mom said...

I've tagged you! Check out my blog for details....

luke and wyatt's mom said...

I tagged you too!

Dana said...

I LOVE looking at the pics of your sweet family! It takes me back...a LONG time ago! :) I love those family pictures...sweet Bambi! Wow she looks fantastic! And just pics of your dad - I can hear his laugh...and you'll never guess? Dave does the "pull my finger" with my girls!!! The things we learn when we are young!!! :)
It's so sweet that the kids did your dad's musical this year - really special. Karis sang "Happy Birthday Dear Jesus" in ours this year too...they played the video of me first and as it faded she was at the mic. Precious! :)
Miss you! Wish I could give you hugs!!! :) Love, Dana