Friday, January 16, 2009

True Friends....PRICELESS!!!

One of the best parts of our Christmas holidays was the day we got to spend with our precious friends, the Sutton's. A few days after Christmas while they were in Jacksonville seeing family they came to Keystone to spend the day with us!! As always, we all had such a sweet time of fellowship and of course, a barrel full of laughs!! We also arranged for some friends to surprise them at the church when we took them by to see the new building. They really enjoyed seeing many old friends and special people in their lives. We wish we could see each other every week, but we cherish whatever time we do get to be together! God has knit our hearts together in a way that only He can, and for that we are truly thankful!!!!

The girls ~ Jerra, Emily, Julianne, Jenna and Dana! It is so sweet the special love they all have for each other. Even in their young hearts the miles between us have not changed that!

The girls being funny!!! (minus Dana!! She had returned to Barney inside!)

The girls had fun performing in the Epicenter while we were at the church

Emily, Jerra and Abby

Jen, Grady and "the crew!!"

Watch out Hollywood!!!!

The Sutton's with dear friends ~ Stephanie, Luke and Wyatt!

More friends ~ Dustin and Amber!

What a mess!!!

Best friends and partners in crime!!!!!! Jen and me!

Born less than 2 hours apart ~ Dana Woo and Jenna Bean!!

Dana's feet were cold so she warmed them up by putting them in Uncle Grady's shirt!!! Dana loves Uncle Grady!!! Ha!!

She finally moved on the her blankie!

Hilarious!!!!! Let's just say we weren't as good of jumpers as the girls!!!! Haha!!!

We decided to make our gingerbread Christmas tree since it definitely wouldn't still be good next year!!! The girls had a ball!

Working intently!

...and tasting to make sure it was alright!!!! Thanks Jerra for "quality control!!!"
I could eat you!!

The finished product! It turned out so good and tasted rather good!!!


daynagonzalez said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun...and aren't you glad you got that camera for Christmas?!

Whitney said...

Mrs. Jeannie! You're too crazy! I love that jumping picture! Can you say blackmail. . . ? Hahaha =] Love you!!

luke and wyatt's mom said...

What a blessing to spend a few minutes with some good friends! Thanks for the picture (I wish Charlie had still been there!) I'll be stealing that photo off your blog :)

Wife and Mom said...

The girls are so grown up now. I know you had a great visit and I'm glad they got to come. Awesome jumping photo there of you and Jen! :o)

Kim C said...

Fun to see you guys and the Suttons. Thanks for letting us know of FB about the pics. I'm gonna add you to blogs I watch so I can see when you add things. Blessings!

Joy said...

Jeannie! I just saw your blog; it is great! I have a blog too - I am behind on it but need to catch up (I do facebook too much). I need Ashlyn to help me do my page cute! Great pictures of your family with the Sutton family. For the record - Tim got a "Poo-lar Bear" as a gag gift from my brother Jim (similar to your Dad's). Check me out at! Take care!